The primary focus of the DME Team for 2016 was the final assembly of the three ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest (AHH) tidal generators being delivered for the Meygen Phase 1A project. These 1.5MW, 200t turbines were built in the ANDRITZ Hydro facility in Germany before being transported to Nigg Energy Park in Northern Scotland for the final assembly.

DME was involved from an early stage in 2016 to cover all the planning, documentation and logistics work for the project. This included visits to the assembly site in Nigg and the turbine factory in Germany.


The first components for machine no.1 arrived on site at the beginning of July. These consisted of the main Nacelle body, Hub and Blades. The Nacelle was lifted from the ship onto the assembly frame and transported to the site workshop along with the other parts.

The first phase of the turbine construction works was the mounting of the hub to the Nacelle shaft. The hub was lifted from the floor using the overhead gantry crane and rotated into position using a set of large chain hoists. This was then attached to the main shaft and tested. With the hub in place, each of the three blades were then fitted in turn.

The last major component to be fitted to the turbine was the yaw and cable management system. This also required a complex rotation lift to bring it into place prior to final fitting.



Following the completion of the first turbine, it was used for a trial fit into the seabed gravity base. This is the structure that will support the turbine underwater. The complete machine was transported on the assembly frame to the base structure and lifted into place. 


After turbine no.1 was completed, work quickly began on machine no.2. The same procedures and personnel were used for the next stages of work and the second and third machines were assembled faster than the first.

The DME team oversaw the assembly of all three machines with technical input from AHH staff at critical stages. All the turbines were completed efficiently and safely without any injuries onsite.

MArine operations

As well as managing the turbine assembly work, DME personnel were also involved in the offshore turbine installation works. These operations involved the 'Olympic Ares' DP2 Offshore Construction Vessel and a larger marine contractor carrying out the work. The DME team provided knowledge of the turbine installation methodology and assistance on deck at key stages.