Throughout the marine operations industry the greatest improvement for any project is always through more detailed planning. This can mitigate downtime, reduce operational risk and decrease overall costs.

HS1000 loadout toolbox talk

HS1000 loadout toolbox talk


Successful project management should commence at the very first stage of any venture. Then be continually reviewed and worked on throughout the entire life-time of the project, always remaining one-step ahead.

It can be broken down into two key areas:

1.      Communication:

  • Conveying ideas and project philosophies at an early stage
  • Clear team structure and responsibilities
  • Regular team updates throughout the project life-time
  • Use of drawings and images to add detail to discussions, screen sharing and video conferencing
  • Toolbox talks and daily meetings during operations

2.      Planning:

  • Project scheduling
  • Critical path analysis for the most important actions/activities
  • Consideration for environmental factors (weather and tides)
  • Efficient equipment procurement and usage
  • Allow contingency for unforeseen circumstances