Dynamic Marine Engineering is always looking for new areas to help our clients and improve problem solving techniques. Through our experience with Computer Aided Design (CAD) we have learnt the benefits of understanding a model inside and out, leading us to offer our services in rapid prototyping.


The term rapid prototyping is often associated with 3D printing technologies, this involves slicing the CAD model into layers, much like a loaf of bread. These layers are then "printed" on top of each other, forming a solid 3D printed scale model of the original CAD file. At DME we use the most up to date technology to provided the high quality prints using the Ultimaker 2. 


3D models are bing used more frequently, typically for concept models, design iterations, engineering evaluations, form and fit, presentation models and manufacturing aids. A 3D scale model is invaluable when looking for problem areas that may only be noticed on site when it is too late. Creating a physical model also helps potential investors and customers better visualise the product at hand, leading to further investment in the product. Contact us today to see how you can utilise this advanced technology in your application.